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Survival gear bso has partnered with the most reputable schools across the united states. Check them out below:

The Survival University

The Survival University (TSU) has many classes taught throughout the year that will teach you survival skills that used to be common sense in recent past. Everyone has their reasons for pushing themselves to acquire such knowledge. The question is: What's your Reason?

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Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival

Based out of Shirley, MA, Owl Eyes Wilderness Survival (OEWS) is a "traveling" wilderness survival school for people of all ages. OEWS is able to come and meet you for a custom survival class, or can teach through various venues throughout New England, and Colorado.

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Earth Trekker Bushcraft

​Earth Trekker Bushcraft offers a variety of experiences. Training exercises for basic survival and primitive living skills, weekend workshops, and relaxed excursions offer exciting short term adventures. Advanced survival immersion courses are available for more intense survival knowledge.

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Wildkind Academy

Wildkind Academy offers educational courses, retreats and mentorship for those seeking to grow in a community of nature lovers who want to build their wilderness living skills, experience outdoor adventure with more confidence and become more resilient and self-sufficient.

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Primitive Wilderness Survival

Primitive Wilderness Survival offers training that will help you feel at home in the wilderness. A helping hand to teach you how to work towards true self reliance. In a world that relies so much on technology, Phillip will help you unplug from the grid.

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Wildcard Wilderness

Wildcard Wilderness is the personal brand and school founded by Jacks Genega, a wilderness instructor living on the road. Through instruction, Wildcard aims to work with others wanting "Skills, Wisdom, and Guts Against All Odds," by promoting a sense of resilience through self-reliance.


American Survival Co.

American Survival Co. are combat-tested veterans and certified survival instructors who are passionate about preparing you to survive emergency situations, creating more self-reliance and increasing your confidence and safety as you adventure.

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Premade Student Kits

Our schools have prepared these premade student kits to make it easy for students to get the gear that they need.

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