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Colorado springs, CO

THE SURVIVAL UNIVERSITY/Colorado Mountain Man Survival

Located in the mountains just an hour west of Colorado Springs, the 3000-acre camp will have the feel of a remote location...

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The Survival University/Colorado mountain man survival

Courses Include:

Getting Started - 2-Day Beginner, 5-Day Outdoor Skills, Courses For Kids

Next Steps - Wilderness First Responder, Land Navigation

Instructor Courses

... and many more!

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American Survival Company

Courses Include:

Getting Started - Intro the Survival, Workshops, Wilderness Weekends

Next Steps - Trapping, Fishing, Wilderness Adventures

Tactical Training - Urban Survival-Civilian SERE

... and many more!

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Florida & Arkansas

American Survival Company

American Survival Co. offers customized, private training from certified instructors who are combat-tested veterans and certified survival instructors...

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