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We not only offer professional-grade camping supplies, bushcraft gear, and survival equipment, but we also offer professional advice from actual trained & certified wilderness survival instructors who have training experience in a multitude of different environments.

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We’re here to outfit each and every customer with the most reliable bushcraft tools, survival gear and preparedness training that the industry has to offer so that each and every one of you feels 100% prepared to conquer your own personal challenges and the challenges that the wilderness brings to your feet.

Buy Once, Cry Once

After college, I bounced around living in apartments until I was 29. With no real permanent address, and no real storage room, that meant that I had little money for equipment and little room to store it. In early 2009 I bought my first home and began my collection…of CRAP. “You don’t know what you don’t know.” This rang true for me. I bought thousands of dollars worth of pure junk because I didn’t know any better. I bought the gimmicky gear that we all see ads for on a daily basis all over the internet. Then, I got trained and I learned quickly! Instead of buying junk products 4 or 5 times, I put my expendable cash into quality products from reputable companies. Now, I only need to buy once and I’ve got that piece of mind that my gear will indeed stand the test of time.

From Unknown to #1 on Google

Survival Gear BSO began as an unknown source for wilderness equipment. Through years of training at schools all over the USA, attending every bushcraft & survival event that we could, and working with the top tier companies from all over the world, we’re proud to say that we are amongst the most trusted gear suppliers in the country. We rank #1 on Google for survival and bushcraft gear searches and we’re more than happy to help guide you in your purchasing experience. Just give us a call!

Survival Gear BSO  “A Way Through the Wilderness”

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