Earth Trekker Bushcraft

Don't Just Survive.....Go Out & Thrive!

Earth Trekker Bushcraft Survival & Primitive Skills offers a variety of experiences. Training exercises for basic survival and primitive living skills, weekend workshops, and relaxed excursions offer exciting short term adventures. More advanced survival immersion courses for the seeker of more intense survival knowledge.

Earth Trekker Bushcraft has two main base locations, 64 acres of land located on the western side of the Arkansas/Missouri border in the Ozarks, and a smaller location on the north east side of Arkansas.

survival Classes offered 

The goal at Earth Trekker Bushcraft is to reconnect man with his ancestral knowledge to become one with nature and obtain a level of skill that allows him to thrive in any environment he may find himself in and achieve true freedom.

Classes may be customized to suit your needs in certain situations. We can also travel to your location if appropriate. For those of you who just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life and relax in nature, we offer survival themed weekend or week long camping and mini adventures.