The Survival University

What's Your Reason?

Located in the mountains just an hour west of Colorado Springs, the 3000-acre camp will have the feel of a remote location while still having the convenience of being near civilization. At an elevation of roughly 9400 feet, this location offers mountainous terrain, pine and aspen forest and beautiful open meadows and rolling hills. If you are looking for mountain survival training, Pikes Peak at an elevation of 14,110 feet is only a short, 30 minute drive away. 

Located nearby are several mountain lakes and rivers where you can fish, swim, raft, or simply enjoy the fresh, clean water of the Rockies. With Colorado’s diverse climate, The Survival University will be able to put you to the test and hone your skills in a frequently inhospitable environment.

survival Classes offered 

The Survival University boasts an extensive list of survival classes for varying skill levels. Take a look at TSU's core classes that they currently offer. 

- 2-Day Beginner
- 5-Day Outdoor Skills
- Wilderness First Responder
- Instructor Courses
- Land Navigation
- Courses for Kids 

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