WildKind Outdoors

Wildkind Outdoors offers educational courses, retreats and mentorship for those seeking to grow in a community of nature lovers who want to build their wilderness living skills, experience outdoor adventure with more confidence and become more resilient and self-sufficient.

Explore the Live Courses & Retreats page for your access to direct living skills including: Wilderness living and survival training, backcountry medical training (WFR), food sovereignty including hunting, wild foraging, animal processing, clamming and fishing, as well as nature crafting, archery and holistic health for equanimity of the mind and body.

Through experiential and relevant life skills training, we can cultivate a greater reverence for our symbiotic relationship with all living things. Feel more alive, grow in connection to self and community, and shift into joy-based living. Welcome to Wildkind Outdoors, choose your own adventure of learning.

wildkind academy
Wild Kind Academy