Safeguarding Survival: Most Stolen & Counterfeit Items in Self Reliance

Safeguarding Survival: Most Stolen & Counterfeit Items in Self Reliance
In the realm of survival and preparedness, ensuring access to essential tools can mean the difference between life and death. However, an unfortunate reality persists within this community – the theft of crucial survival gear. Among the myriad of items targeted by thieves, two stand out prominently: the North American Rescue CAT (Combat Application Tourniquet), and the North American Rescue HyFin Chest Seal Twin Pack. Let's delve into why these items are so sought after and what you as the end consumer can do to mitigate your risk.
Understanding the Survival Gear Landscape
Survival gear encompasses a wide array of tools and equipment designed to aid individuals in emergencies or adverse situations. From first aid kits to navigation devices, the market offers an abundance of products tailored to various scenarios. Among these, medical supplies rank among the most critical, particularly in situations where injuries can prove life-threatening. This is where the scam artists begin - the crucial and most sought after products yield the highest risk of something shady.
The Role of the North American Rescue CAT Tourniquet
CAT Tourniquet
The Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT) by North American Rescue is widely regarded as one of the most effective tools for controlling severe bleeding in the field. Its compact design, ease of application, and reliability have made it a staple in military and civilian settings alike. Unfortunately, its effectiveness and reputation also make it a prime target for theft.
Don’t miss the images below to help you easily identify a fake CAT from a real CAT.
Never used a CAT? No worries! 
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The CAT's compact size and high value relative to its cost make it an attractive target for thieves and scammers. Its universal recognition among first responders and survival enthusiasts alike further exacerbates its desirability on the black market. As a result, retailers and individuals must take proactive measures to safeguard these vital tools. Spotting a fake CAT isn’t always easy, but we’ve got some images for you to study.
As a consumer, you have to be aware of the high potential of fraud out there when it comes to these products. Due Diligence in researching the companies that you purchase from is your responsibility, but will pay off for you in the end. China is the #1 manufacturer of products on the planet, and their ability to create pretty much any product on the market at a greater speed and lower cost has yet to be challenged by any other country. Don’t get me wrong here, China can make some great products, but when it comes to your life, or the lives of your loved ones, there is ZERO room for risk. In a brief search we were able to find two legal cases where the loss of life for both of the victims was directly tied to knock-off versions of the North American Rescue CAT. The counterfeit CATs came from China and the straps were not rated to withstand the heavy “cranking” of the windlass needed in order to restrict blood flow to the wounded area, vital for the salvation of life.
Here are your comparisons of the CATs:
Real vs. Fake CAT Tourniquet
Fake CAT Tourniquet
Fake CAT TourniquetFake CAT Tourniquet
Fake CAT Tourniquet
Fake CAT Tourniquet
CAT Tourniquet
Fake CAT Tourniquet
CAT Tourniquet vs Fake
Fake vs Real CAT
The North American Rescue HyFin Chest Seal Twin Pack: A Critical Component
In situations involving chest trauma, the North American Rescue HyFin Chest Seal Twin Pack plays a crucial role in preventing tension pneumothorax – a life-threatening condition caused by air accumulating in the pleural space. Like the CAT, its effectiveness and reliability have cemented its status as an essential component of any comprehensive first aid kit.
It’s a no-brainer as to why this compact, life-saving medical tool tops the list for fraudulent order thieves here in the U.S. In times of war many lives are lost in the line of duty and most of them are from gunshot wounds. Effective methods to treat these wounds are few and far between, particularly in environments where medical supplies are scarce or inaccessible. Its universal applicability in treating chest injuries ensures a steady demand, further incentivizing theft. Since the war in Ukraine began about two years ago, we here at Survival Gear BSO have seen a huge jump in fraudulent orders for the HyFins and for the CATs. Most of these orders are being sent to third party freight forwarding companies, so it appears that the purchaser is within the United States when in reality this gear is being shipped overseas to the Ukraine and/or Russian areas. 
We do in fact want these people to have access to these life-saving tools, but scamming and theft is the way to do it. 
Addressing the Issue: Prevention and Awareness
As the theft of essential survival gear poses a significant threat to public safety, it is imperative to address this issue through a combination of prevention and awareness strategies:
  1. Enhanced Security Measures: Retailers and distributors should implement robust security protocols to deter theft and minimize losses. This may include surveillance systems, inventory controls, and secure display cases.
  2. Community Engagement: Educating the survival and preparedness community about the consequences of theft can foster a sense of responsibility and discourage illicit activities. Workshops, online forums, and social media campaigns can serve as platforms for spreading awareness.
  3. Strategic Placement: Placing high-value items such as the CAT Tourniquet and HyFin Chest Seal Twin Pack in highly visible or restricted areas within stores can dissuade potential thieves and make theft more difficult to execute.
  4. Collaboration with Law Enforcement: Establishing partnerships with local law enforcement agencies can facilitate the identification and apprehension of individuals involved in the theft and illicit distribution of survival gear. This isn’t always a viable option as local authorities are typically focused on more immediate situations, but making a police report is never a bad idea.
  5. Product Serialization and Tracking: Implementing unique serial numbers or tracking mechanisms on individual items can aid in tracing stolen goods and holding perpetrators accountable.
In the realm of survival and preparedness, access to essential medical tools like these can mean the difference between life and death, literally, in this case. However, the persistent threat of online scams and counterfeits pose a significant challenge to ensuring the availability of critical gear such as the North American Rescue products. By taking the time to educate ones’ self on the key factors of knock-offs like we’ve provided for you in this blog, we can work together to safeguard these legitimate vital resources and preserve public safety in times of crisis. We’re here to ensure that our customers have access to the tools necessary for survival, unimpeded by the actions of thieves.
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