The Top 10 Types of People to Die First in a SHTF Scenario

The Top 10 Types of People to Die First in a SHTF Scenario
Before we get into this interesting breakdown we have to give credit where credit is due. The list of these Top 10 has been curated by Michael Major who writes for one of the groups that we follow. We present our own evaluation of what the severity of each of these 10 groups of people will look like once a serious SHTF scenario hits. Michael Major does a great job in his evaluation of these groups, and we believe that this blog is absolutely vital in its intrinsic value because we are all going to have to face this when the shit actually does hit the fan…and it’s not too far off, friends!
As Mr. Major writes…”An actual SHTF scenario is going to result in casualties regardless of what type of scenario it is. As preppers and survivalists, we stockpile supplies and gather the necessary skills and knowledge to survive emergencies and disasters. Unfortunately, most of the population fails to prepare, and many of them will perish from preventable causes.”
Major hits the nail on the head here. Yes, we as survivalists and preppers do stockpile gear and information, and those who have not will clutch onto their false sense of security that they “know a guy” who will help them when the SHTF. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have enough in the way of supplies for everyone I know. The old saying here stands true: 
“By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.”
I have spent many years, and many thousands of dollars in my preparation. My efforts, finances and training will go towards the protection of my own family. My personal 3-point system for categories to cover in preparedness is simply summed up with the acronym TMI:
Dive deep into those three and you’re set. Now, let’s take a look at what Major’s 10 types of people are.
1. People Who Panic
Everyone panics. It’s a fact of life. The extent to which they panic, and the events that make them panic will separate the level-headed folks from those just the opposite. Take a look at what happened during COVID, for example. The general population flooded the grocery stores and liquor stores to stock up on toilet paper and booze. Take that into consideration and ask yourself how rational the majority of the population is going to be once we really have a nasty SHTF scenario on our hands.
Major writes, “Panic is also a path to bad decision-making, which increases the odds of those decisions bringing fatal consequences. Therefore, to survive a SHTF scenario, we all must stay calm and suppress the urge to panic.” 
Panic is primarily a bodily response that most times cannot be controlled. I believe this mindset can be mitigated to some degree. Take the time and effort to educate yourselves on what to do in such an event and develop a plan for when the event takes place. These simple steps will sit in the back of your mind and whisper, “No need to fear. You have put in the work!
2. People With No Survival Skills
Survival Skills
  “In an SHTF scenario, every one of us will be responsible for securing the necessities of life for ourselves and our families. Building shelter, purifying water, making fire, securing food etc.”
Those with little to no survival skill sets will be amongst the first to go. No skills means no chance, and skills is what will separate the men from the boys. Having the necessary tools and materials to withstand a worldwide state of chaos is a must, but that will never trump quality training. You simply cannot out gear good training. 
3. Pacifists
“When the grid fails, looting and crime dominate, and civilized society breaks down; everyone is going to have to be willing to defend themselves, their families, and their supplies with force. In some cases, the use of deadly force may be required.”
Methods of peace, while ideal, will have no place in a time of extreme crisis. When people panic they make poor decisions and poor decisions lead to life or death situations. A barter or negation will not last very long when food stores and clean water access become few and far between. Hunger alone can make a human do crazy things. Anticipate aggressive behavior from all who cross your path.
4. People With No Supplies
Survival Supplies
We talked briefly about the necessity of training and the fact that proper training will out-weigh supplies. While this is true, that does not mean that you can forgo supplies all together. Most government operated emergency response organizations tell people to prepare with 3 days worth of food and water up to 3 weeks worth. Let me tell you something, people - you’re going to beed MUCH MORE than this recommended amount. 
Keep in mind that we, the United States of America, are the ones that intervene to offer assistance to other nations when they’re in trouble. If America finds itself in trouble that means no one is coming to help. 
We’re all on different budgets, so if you are limited to 3 days to 3 weeks worth of supplies, then by all means please start there! Having some supplies is far better than having no supplies. If you and your family haven’t begun your supply runs, then get to it ASAP. When the time comes there will be no going to the grocery store, Sam’s Club, or even the corner market. 
Although a bit light-hearted, I like to remember these words:
He who stays hydrated the longest wins.
5. The Lone Wolf
Rambo is a fictional character in a movie. Even if he did exist, you are not him. Let’s be practical in our plan. Having a small group of individuals, all “carrying their own weight”, is preferable to going rogue on one's own. 
As Major writes, “...those who decide to strike out on their own after SHTF will discover that there is strength in numbers, and the dirty business of survival is best shared amongst a group.”
Survival is absolutely a dirty business. There’s no place for weakness. Oftentimes kindness is mistaken for weakness. Be kind within your own group, and be on guard when you encounter other groups, or those lone wolves out there. Develop a group of people who have strengths in different areas - tactical operations, medical training, level headedness, etc. We all need to rest at some point and you’ll want to know that your six is covered when that time comes, so make sure that it is. 
Take into consideration the size and diversity of your group. Most likely your group is your family, and so the luxury of having trained members of the group isn’t always present. I know that it won’t be in my family, so I’ve evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of my family members, one by one. This isn’t always easy, and you will find some members of your group have little to no skill sets whatsoever. You have to make it work, so think outside the box here.
6. Those Who Don’t Bug Out In Time
Bug In and Bug Out Films
There’s a fine line of when to bug in, and when to bug out. In my opinion, the buzz term “bug out” has been thrown around way too much over the last 10 years. Stay in place for as long as your supplies last, but have a departure plan in place for when you foresee those supplies dwindling. Remember - you can only carry so much with you, and what you are able to carry with you will only last so long.
Have your carefully curated bugout bag on-hand and ready to go when the time presents itself. Consider the area in which you live and take into account population size and density, demographics, access to major egress roadways, train tracks, size of local law enforcement, local resources for the citizens of your community, and where you’re headed when the time comes to bug out. 
Stay long enough to use your supplies efficiently, but don’t get yourself stuck in a panic-ensued trap house if you wait too long. 
7. People With Chronic Illness
I cannot say this any better than Major himself:
“Many people suffer from chronic illnesses requiring regular medication and treatment. Unfortunately, when the hospitals and pharmacies run dry and close, all these people will find themselves without the lifesaving treatments they need.”
Jase Medical Emergency Antibiotics
There are a multitude of various medical conditions that require daily medications. Pain management, diabetes, thyroid function, and mental illness. Daily meds like insulin will be the most sought after when society begins to collapse. The drug stores will be overrun by addicts looking to get their opioid fix and although you might be after a simple bottle of insulin you will still have to face the wrath of someone who needs their next fix…and will do anything to get it. 
Take into consideration mental illness as well. If someone in your group has to take their daily dose of meds to keep their internal chemical makeup in balance (think bipolar, schizophrenia, etc.) and they no longer have access to that medication, you then have a major problem on your hands. If this person of the group is well trained, then you’ve just lost a major player on your team. That person can then become just as big a threat from within the group as anyone you may encounter from outside of the group. 
Having an exit plan that includes the location of several different pharmacies close to home, or along your bugout route, could be vital to your longevity. 
8. The Indecisive
When it comes to making decisions during a SHTF situation take into consideration two things:
  1. What decision needs to be made;
  2. How quickly that decision has to be made.
If the person chosen to lead your group has a difficult time making any sort of daily decision with the absence of stress or chaos, then you most likely won’t want that person making important decisions for your life, or the lives of others. Those who struggle with indecisiveness are going to diminish the odds of survival in a post-apocalyptic society. 
9. People Who Talk Too Much About Their Preps
Prepping Supplies
Keep your plans close to the vest! The more people who know about your supply store, training, security, etc. means a greater risk to the threat of your survival. 
“Loose lips sink ships.”
Major refers to these types of people as people who ‘exercise poor operational security (OPSEC)’. Don’t fall victim to marauders. There will be no shortage of these people - the unprepared who weigh their survival on forcefully taking the stores of those who are prepared. Keep quiet about what you have, how much of it you have, and especially where you have it. 
Your existence depends upon it.  
10. People Who Lack The Will To Win
Survival is a game of skill, and not a game of chance. While the luck of the Irish is welcomed, the will to win is what comes first. 
Life in America is getting ever harder as the days go by and we haven’t seen a major disaster just yet. Those who come out on top will have perseverance and tenacity running through their veins.
Don’t wait to start your training. Each day you push your plans back is another day that someone else is moving a step closer to ensuring their own survival over yours. Push yourself - mind, body and soul. You won’t regret it when the time comes.

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