World Carnivore Month: Meet Pemmican’s Twin - Keto Bricks

World Carnivore Month: Meet Pemmican’s Twin - Keto Bricks
Pemmican may very well be the world’s first nutrition bar having been used for centuries by Native Americans. It was developed over 5,000 years ago and is still used as survival food today. It’s made up of animal (typically bison) meat, animal fat, and occasionally berries. We’ll get into how pemmican is made in a bit. Right now we want to focus on why pemmican is used as survival food.
World Carnivore Month is January each year. Although we’re not in the food nutrition industry or physical fitness industry, we’ve discovered that this tasty treat has macronutrients nearly identical to that of Keto Bricks, which were featured during World Carnivore Month as a powerful source of nutrition for ketogenic diets. The Paleo Diet is very similar to the Keto Diet, and the Paleo Diet is what survivalists turn to when spending lengthy amounts of time in the bush eating only what they can hunt and forage.
The Keto Bricks might very well be the modern-day pemmican. It’s great to have some freeze-dried camp food or a few MREs, but when you’re trekking you have to pack light and efficient. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a grab-n-go type of food that packs more energy potential than a Keto Brick. 
Cookies N Cream Keto Brick
At the small brick stature of only 3.5”x2.5”x1”, the many flavors of the Keto Brick pack about 1,000 calories, but less than 10g of carbs! About 60% of these bars are comprised of fat, which is the primary source of energy the body needs when doing strenuous activities like hoofing it on an urban street or trekking through the wilderness. This is why we highly recommend packing a few of these treats in each one of your bugout bags.  
Keto Bricks
Learn about the benefits of a carnivore diet in Keto Brick’s article featured for World Carnivore Month right here:

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