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Survival Gear BSO's EDC Survival Card


If you're looking for an all around Every Day Carry tool that you barely know is there, takes up almost no room, and weighs next to nothing, then try out our EDC Survival Card.  This wallet-sized survival tool can fit just about anywhere you need it to - wallets, purses, packs, inside the Wazoo Survival Gear Cache Caps and Beanies that we offer under our Wearable Gear section, and damn near anywhere else you can think of.  Let's check out the specs...


  • Fits in a Wallet or Altoid Tin (Card Size: 2" x 3.5" in.)
  • Weight: 12 Grams / 0.42 oz.


  • Fishhooks (x9)
  • Arrows (x5)
  • Snare locks (x4)
  • Awl (x1)
  • Sewing Needles (x2)
  • Saw blades (x3)
  • Tweezers (x1 - on the right-hand edge)
  • [ EASILY STORED AND CARRIED ] - This handy wallet tool contains everything you need to survive if you ever run into an emergency situation. Explore the wilderness with the comfort of knowing the Military Grade Survival Tool from SURVIVAL GEAR BSO has your back!
  • [ 22 TOOLS IN 1 ] - The old version of the Credit Card Tool was only a 11-in -1 kit. Makes it a perfect dad gift! Survival Gear BSO takes it to the next level by offering a more premium Survival Pocket Tool with 22 Gadgets in one. 
  • [ PEOPLE WHO NEED THIS ENJOY ] : Bushcrafters, Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Hiking, Geo Cashing.  So, if you're a Bushcrafter, Survivalist, Camper, Fishermen, Hunter, Hiker or Geo Casher, then this product is for you. Great gift to go along with our Mini Multi Tool!

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