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Warbonnet XLC Underquilt Protector

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XLC/Eldorado Underquilt protector:

An Underquilt protector is a secondary layer of lightweight fabric that hangs below the underquilt and/or hammock bottom.  The underquilt itself must be purchased directly through Warbonnet Outdoors as they do not offer retailers the ability to purchase any down products for resale.  The underquilt is useful in cooler weather to give extra wind and weather protection to your hammock bottom, and allows for the use of a smaller tarp than would otherwise be needed.  I can be attached to any of the XLC hammock configurations (no top, net top, winter top).  It can also be zipped directly to the XLC Top Cover to create a full-on winter sock (The Chinook) that puts you, your hammock, and all your insulation inside it’s own wind and water resistant breathable microclimate.

*Note: The “Extra zipper Track” add-on is optional. If not adding an extra zipper track your UQP will zip to the hammock’s net or winter top, leaving the hammock body floating freely inside. Adding the extra zipper track allows the hammock body and the UQP to both be zipped to  your top at the same time.

*NOTE: The underquilt protector can only be zipped to the new style XLC zipper configuration purchased after October 2017. You can still use the UQP with the old style XLC by tying it on with the black ribbons using shoestring knots.



7.45 oz.
20D Nylon, DWR

Customer Reviews

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Awesome gear!

The fact that this underquilt zips to the top cover sealed the deal for me. Living in WI, I must plan for weather at any time of the day and or year! Top cover is good for 10 degrees colder, the underquilt protector has to add to that 5 or 10 degrees colder yet. Love it! Leave it all mounted on the XLC and it all fits in the original sack! Oh, and it's Warbonnet hand made double stiched rocka rocka rocka level of quality. Would for sure recommend it if you deal with cold temps and or changing weather conditions! If your underquilt is down, you need this to keep it dry and warm.

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