How to Secretly Carry Everyday Items for Escape and Evasion - Top 6 Items We Recommend

How to Secretly Carry Everyday Items for Escape and Evasion - Top 6 Items We Recommend

Knowing how to carry everyday items on your person can be a valuable skill when it comes to escaping illegal restraints and unlawful detention. By taking certain precautions, you can make sure you are always prepared in case of an emergency. Here are some tips and tricks on how to secretly carry everyday items for escape and evasion.

Don’t forget to read the important notice at the bottom of this article about the latest kidnapping of Americans in Mexico on March 6th, 2023. YOU are your own first line of defense. Strongly consider the tools and information below to provide yourself with a chance of survival.

Carry Concealed Items on Your Person 

When carrying concealed items on your person, you should always look for ways to conceal them in plain sight. This includes:

  • Wearing clothing with multiple pockets or compartments
  • Keeping small items tucked away, or even wearing jewelry that contains hidden compartments
  • Practicing good situational awareness and staying aware of your surroundings at all times
  • Using distraction tactics like pretending to tie your shoe or adjusting a piece of clothing so you can discreetly retrieve the item without anyone being aware of what is going on 

Keep Personal Items In Your Car Or Bag 

If you are unable to carry certain items directly on your person, another option is to keep them in an easily accessible spot such as your car or bag. This way, if you need access to the item quickly, it will already be within reach. Just make sure that whatever method you choose is secure enough so that anyone who is looking for it won't be able to get their hands on it easily. Additionally, try and keep any escape tools out of sight so as not to draw attention from potential onlookers.  

Research Laws And Regulations For Each Country/State/Region 

It's important to familiarize yourself with the laws and regulations of each country/state/region before attempting any escape methods as some states have specific laws prohibiting certain activities related to evasion techniques or tools used for escape purposes. If possible, try and research these laws ahead of time so you know what is legal in each area before attempting anything that could potentially land you in trouble with the law enforcement authorities.

Top 6 Recommended Escape and Evasion Tools For Everyday Carry

  1. MICRO-CLIP HANDCUFF KEY - Want to keep your emergency tool discreetly on hand? You can secure it in a variety of locations, such as the belt loop, cuff of a long-sleeve shirt, waistband or even top of your sock! Thanks to its tiny size and low profile design there's almost no chance anyone will know it's with you—but ready for use when needed.
  2. CACHE CAP™ BY WAZOO SURVIVAL GEAR - Trade in your classic baseball cap for a special upgrade. The unique Cache Cap™ features 6 secret pockets tucked away discreetly on the inside, giving you more storage and convenience than ever before!
  3. HIP POCKET BRIEF VOLUME 2 - TACTICS, TECHNIQUES, AND PROCEDURES FOR THE EVERYDAY CIVILIAN - With The Hip Pocket Brief, you can stay prepared and safe with forty 30-second lessons providing concise training on essential security topics. From self defense to cyber safety, target hardening to nonverbal communication - learn valuable skills while traveling or at home. THIS IS A NEW FAVORITE OF OURS!
  4. ALARM SIGNALING DEVICE - Protect your property with the booby-trap Alarm Signaling Device. This rugged security tool will sound a warning when unwanted intruders set foot on your land, thanks to its versatile trip-line activation system. Instantly alerting you of any suspicious activity around doors and gates, it fires off an unmistakable 209 shot shell primer blast if triggered - keeping trespassers at bay!
  5. WAZOO EVERYDAY ESSENTIALS KIT - The Everyday Essentials Kit is the perfect combination of convenience and quality. This 15 tool survival kit was specially designed to fit into your Cache Belt™ and Cache Cap™, so you never have to sacrifice on reliability or portability. Filled with custom-made components that cannot be found anywhere else, this carefully assembled collection ensures top-notch performance for any situation – no matter where life takes you!
  6. WAZOO CACHE BELT™ - The Cache Belt features a top-loading Velcro enclosure that allows direct access to items, at any point along with the Velcro pocket, while wearing the belt. The hook & loop closure reassures that the Velcro has no single failure point. This belt is ideal for most of your EDC tools for E&E and fits all kinds of handcuff keys, Kevlar cord, the Escape Stick, and Wazoo even has custom made kits for these belts such as the Essentials Kit mentioned above and their Adventure Kit. Your possibilities are endless and most importantly, discreet!

Discover The Best Covert Handcuff Keys On The Market

With a few simple precautions and by utilizing common sense practices, carrying everyday items for escape and evasion can be done successfully without drawing attention or suspicion from others around you. Also, with the right knowledge and preparation beforehand you will be better equipped if ever faced with an emergency situation requiring swift action or quick thinking skills.

Mexico kidnapping was ‘Difficult to Prevent’ despite known dangers in border regions

Do yourself a favor and watch the video in the link above. The article itself offers conflicting perspectives as to the reason why these four Americans were targeted. Two of the Americans were killed immediately, which was most likely to send the message from the start that the Gulf Cartel performing the kidnappings were not messing around. The other two Americans were taken hostage and held captive.

Being restrained and held against one's own will is far from a feeling of comfort. Give yourself the best chance at survival that you can by taking a few hours to watch a training video on the methods and procedures of Escape & Evasion, and picking up a couple of affordable, simple-to-use, and easy-to-hide tools to ensure that you have the greatest chance at protecting yourself and your loved ones against unlawful restraint and imprisonment.

Always remember:
Knowledge is Power!

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