American Survival Company

Customized, Private Training from Certified Instructors

American Survival Co. offers customized, private training from certified instructors. The instructors are combat-tested veterans and certified survival instructors who are passionate about preparing you to survive emergency situations, creating more self-reliance and increasing your confidence and safety as you adventure.

From combat in Fallujah, to the remote mountains of Afghanistan and the jungles of Costa Rica, Joel and Matt have trained for and actively survived in some of the world’s most unforgiving environments. They understand how knowledge, honed skills and mindset will work together to determine your response and success in any emergency.

survival Classes offered 

There are a lot of skills to master and American Survival Company offers a mix of opportunities by which to learn those, whether it is a workshop for a few hours focusing on one skill or a weekend course focusing on several skills.

Take a look at their core classes that they currently offer. 

- Intro to Survival
- Skill Workshops
- Wilderness Weekend
- Modern/Primitive Trapping
- Bow Making & Archery
- Tactical Training

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