The Dangers of Owning an Electric Vehicle in a Winter State

The Dangers of Owning an Electric Vehicle in a Winter State

Electric vehicles are not only bad for the environment, but can be dangerous during a winter storm. An electric vehicle owner in Virginia learned firsthand how dangerous owning one can be during the recent winter storms leading up to Christmas. In accordance with Domenik Nati, a radio host based in Lynchburg Virginia who has more than 100,000 views, he attempted to charge his vehicle at home but received a warning that the battery would need to be heated up for some time. In the video, Nati said he was unable to charge the car at home so he drove it to a Tesla Supercharger station. After plugging it in, he received another warning that the battery was heating and that it would need some time to cool down. After two hours, there had been no change, so Nati contacted customer service. 

The car may have been left unplugged overnight at his residence, which was one possible mistake. In order to keep the car warm on cold nights, it is recommended leaving it plugged in, as instructed by the Tesla owner's manual. The car's batteries will charge more slowly if they are cold, but if they are charged overnight, they should have a decent range by morning. In addition, I made the mistake of expecting the car battery to warm up quickly. Bloomberg stated that the process takes some time. 

Several people were found dead in their neighborhoods during the storm, and although not all were caused by an electric vehicle, it is safe to conclude that being prepared for such situations is essential, and a vehicle that does not work in extreme cold is not working towards your advantage. There are problems that can arise from a gas-powered vehicle. Nevertheless, most people who practice preparation and survival today are viewed as extreme, so it is essential not to add even more barriers to your preparation. A person with a gas powered or electric vehicle should always have a bug out/in plan and be prepared to face mother nature head on with all the necessary resources.

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