Everything you Need to Know About Axes

Everything you Need to Know About Axes

Axes are an essential tool for survival. For centuries, these hardy instruments have been the quintessential endurance devices. Yet, it can be difficult to know what to get for specific situations. Are you camping for a few days? Exploring backcountry? Based on the event, the need for an axe can increase.

Even the most seasoned survivalists need an axe. They can cut away overgrowth, split logs for firewood, and work as a hunting weapon. There are many kinds of axes for specific needs, it depends on how you intend to use them. No matter the situation, an axe could save your life. 

A felling axe is a well-rounded survival tool for every situation. A tactical axe specializes in cutting, making it great for camping. A hatchet works well for building campfires and splitting smaller chunks of wood. Preparing for a camping trip is important, so you need to know about axes and their uses for survival.

Axe Uses

Axes are essential for survival, especially if you’re camping out in the backcountry. Even if you have access to firewood, having the ability to split your own can save you a lot of money. It can also help you build a fire at any time without having to worry about access to wood. 

If you run into a dangerous situation, axes are useful basic hunting. They can also clear out overgrown trails with thick branches or painful plants. If anything, having the ability to trim dead wood or fallen branches can work as kindling for fires. 

Types of Axes

There are many types of axes ranging in size, weight, and functionality. Although a basic hatchet should do the trick, it may not be capable of pulling off every job you need for survival. Have an idea of what you need for your next camping trip or have a selection of axes to choose from. 

Felling Axe

As the name implies, felling axes are great for chopping wood. Well rounded and sturdy, felling axes are attached to a longer handle that allows for more swing leverage. This makes them ideal for cutting larger trees or chunks of wood. But, this makes them difficult for splitting since the blade can get stuck in the wood.


A hatchet is another well-rounded survival device, but it’s smaller. This makes them great for basic needs like chopping, felling, or splitting small pieces of wood. Their small size needs more accuracy and balance, requiring an experienced user. 

Tactical Axe

A tactical axe is a more modern, multi-tool weapon used for survival. It can be used for anything, including self-defense. Made from steel, tactical axes are very sturdy. But, if you are going on a short camping trip, a simple hatchet may be all you need. 

Carpenter’s Axe

As the name suggests, a carpenter’s axe is designed for woodwork. They are very good at splitting large chunks of wood and need precise control. However, they are not very helpful if you need an axe for felling or chopping wood. 

Throwing Axe 

Throwing axes were weapons of war during the Middle Ages. Today, they are used for competitions against other axe-throwing professionals. Designed for durability, throwing axes can withstand a lot of pressure. But, they are less likely to work for woodwork or cutting. 

Best Axe for Camping

Most axes should work for camping, but you may not need the most heavy-duty one available. A good camping weapon should focus on woodwork, so a felling axe is likely to be your best choice. Hatchets can also be great for camping. Just make sure that you have access to smaller pieces of wood that need less power. 

When choosing an axe for camping, it’s best to focus on how well it cuts through wood. It can also be helpful to have one that has the ability to hammer in case you need an extra tool. Make sure your axe is capable of cutting, splitting, and felling wood before bringing it with you.

Best Axe For Survival

Some characteristics for survival axes overlap with camping axes, but the main thing to look out for is reliability. While camping axes should focus on woodwork, survival axes should be well-rounded. 

For that reason, it’s best to carry a tactical axe. They are capable of cutting wood, clearing away brush, and being a weapon. It is important to have something on you at all times, especially alone in the wild. For that reason, a tactical axe is the best choice for survival.

Get Outside!

Spending time outdoors can be a memorable experience, but you want to make sure you're safe. Whether you are going on a camping trip or need something on you for emergencies, a good axe can go a long way. Plan ahead, be safe, and have fun!

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