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Search & Rescue Kit - S.A.R. Tin


Product Description

Now Equipped with the FERROSTRIKE V-3, Magnesium Handle and TITAN SurvivorCord TM

Search and Rescue Kit. S.A.R. Tin

This is great piece of gear dedicated to those who put their own lives at risk to save others. Thank you for your service to all our communities!

To light ZT with a spark, simply smash between two rocks to expose the inner, soft material, pull out a generous amount and simply strike it to flame using the Para-Rod. 100% waterproof, No toxic fumes, No gimmicks, No tricks, No expiration dates, it just works - and works well. When your life matters depend on Zombie Tinder.

Kit Contains:

- 1, 5/16" x 3.15" Para-Rod Ferrocerium Rod W/ FERROSTRIKE V-3, Magnesium Handle and TITAN SurvivorCord

- 10, ZT Dry Climate Tinder

- 1, 8 Oz, Push-Top Rectangular Tin

- 2, "Ranger Bands"

- 6 Feet of Jute Twine

- 1, Bag of Jellied Ginned Cotton


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