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Warbonnet SuperFly Tarp - 13'

Dark Foliage Green

The Warbonnet SuperFly Tarp is simply the best lightweight tarp we have ever used. It is a great tarp for the Blackbird XLC hammock, but it is also just as good all by itself for those who like to ground camp. It is 13'x10' and packs up smaller than a nalgene bottle, one of the smallest most compressible tarps we have ever used. This 13-foot length refers to the length of the Ridge-seam. In general, the 11′ tarps are most appropriate for end gathered style hammocks like the Blackbird and Blackbird XLC, while the 13′ versions are best suited for bridge hammocks like the Warbonnet Ridgerunner. However, some customers prefer the extra length simply for extra room. The doors on any of our 13′ “Fly” series of tarps will fully close around the suspension triangle of the Ridgerunner. 


Due to the versatility of its tie off points, tie off points you can setup in a plethora of different ways. In cold conditions you can make it like a floor-less tent by closing the side wings off and staking it straight to the ground. You can also stake one side and then flare the other in order to have a view of the area in an open lean too setup. And because it has the side door flaps, even if you use it in a lean to fashion with one side flared, you can still protect from sideways wind/rain by staking off the doorway to cover your feet. The tarp only weighs 1 lb. 3 oz., and is large enough for several people to sleep under. This tarp also has tie off points on the sides of the tarps for snow conditions, so that snow won't accumulate. These tie off points also add a lot of space to the inside of the tarp for more room to swing in your hammock without touching the sides. It's also great in extremely high wind conditions! If you like ultralight tarp camping and need a tarp that will cover you in any weather, then this is the best setup in our opinion.  


SuperFly Tarp

Item weight: 1 lb. 3 oz.
Ridgeline Length: 13’0”
Width: 10’0”
Fabric: 1.1oz/30D 2000mm NeverMist™ Silnylon

Color: Evergreen, Olive Brown, Dark Foliage Green

Note: We don't recommend the multicam version that Warbonnet offers because it is made a different and heavier material. This color will give you all the camo you need for almost any woodland environment. We also don't recommend having this tarp near fires because sparks will damage the tarp. It is best for camping with a sleep system such as sleeping bag and ground pad.

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Warbonnet SuperFly Tarp - 13'

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