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Tentipi Zirkon 5 CP Canvas Tent


Advanced materials and more sophisticated ventilation features make Zirkon 5 CP an upgrade from our Onyx tent-tipi series. Zirkon is a perfect balance between price and performance for a wide range of adventurous camping activities.

Offering you the perfect compromise between price and performance, Zirkon is a tent design that's perfect for backpacking, camping, hunting & fishing, cycling, climbing – or simply for the children to sleep out in the garden on a summer's night.

Everywhere you go, Zirkon Light is a tent that gets attention for its rust red colour and heavy-duty performance, just like the rugged and insulating mineral it's named after.

Or choose Zirkon CP (Cotton/Polyester) to benefit from all of the Zirkon's design features but in a breathable cotton polyester fabric.


Total Weight: 17.37 lbs
Weight Per Person: 2.88 lbs
Packed Diameter: 9.29 in
Packed Length: 22.44 in
# Sleepers: 4-6
# Seated: 8-10
Erected Diameter: 12.46 ft
Erected Height: 7.54 ft



  • Rain-protected, mosquito-netted air intake at bottom edge of tipi-tent for improved ventilation and smoke control
  • Ventilator cap: double piece with six opening
    points, controllable from inside the tent;
    integral chimney opening; mosquito protection
    to top piece; tighter fitting by use of fiberglass
    spacer rods
  • Storm cords: pre-tied and fitted with holders
  • Advanced compression bag for tighter packing
  • Mosquito protection sewn in to top edge of tent
  • Enhanced floor fitting with toggle and ring arrangement
  • Reinforced edging for better wear resistance around bottom edge of tent
  • 3 minutes to erect tipi-tent
  • Standing room
  • Class-leading storm resistance
  • Use with open fire or stove
  • Use on its own or with any model of floor or inner-tent
  • Tipi door: double-zip with integral mosquito protection
  • Hanging loop for drying

Breathable cotton/polyester canvas fabric — Cotpolmex C

Light tan color provides a very warm and pleasing feeling inside the tent. Highly breathable and strong cotton/polyester fabric also creates a much better internal atmosphere than normally experienced in tents. The tightly woven fabric and high class impregnation gives high water repellency.

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