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Survival Belt 2.0 Black


We've tested out a number of survival belts with trinkets on them, but never found one to be worth the money for the quality you're getting.  That finally changed with this belt! The price looked a bit steep to us at first, but upon experimenting with the belt we discovered that the quality is very high - good solid leather, and when you're in a pinch for a flashlight, a knife, a fire starter...this badass belt doesn't leave you high and dry.  


Let's check out some of the features...

Features (Buckle):

• AUS-8 Stainless Steel Knife: Titanium nitride (TiN) coated for added protection
• Fire Starter: Unlike matches, ferrocerium functions if wet
• LED Flashlight: Powered by four (4) LR621 batteries
• Bottle Opener
• Dual Lever: Lift to release buckle from strap
• Knife Safety: Only allowing knife access when lifted
• Metal Alloy Face: For Weighted Balance

Features (Strap):

• Internal Webbing: Provides almost 1500 PSI of tensile strength
• Heat Resistant: Up to 214°F before softening
• Continuous Notches: Run the length of the strap allowing adjustment at any girth
• Custom Fit: Cut to your size (up to 48")
Durable Coating:
      • Waterproof: Impermeable to water & most staining liquids
      • UV Protected: Won't crack after long periods in the sun
      • Easy to Clean: Mud, dirt, and even blood can easily be wiped off with a damp cloth
      • Frost Flex: Even in the most extreme weather, the strap can bend & flex freely
      • Abrasion Resistant: Able to take all sorts of physical trauma without cracking or breaking

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