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Fire Kit


The Survival Fire Kit offers 6 methods for ensuring that you get that spark! This kit is held in a multicam tactical organizer complete with an American flag patch that you can velcro to the front, various dividers, front mesh pocket, web pull hook for ease in removal, fully modular compatible.

This fire kit carries 5 Fire Stix, 4 Wet Cubes, 2 full sized BIC lighters, a 6" x 1/2" ferro rod, 1 pack of Survival Matches and 1 pack of Stormproof Matches. 


Fire Stix

All-purpose fire starter tinder sticks. Quick and convenient. Ignites instantly with flame or sparks. Will ignite even when wet. Non-toxic. Odorless.

Wet Cubes

Non-toxic fire starting tinder that burns even on a wet surface. Individually packaged lightweight solid cubes that can't leak or foul up your other gear. Burns at over 1,300-degrees and has a long burn time. Safe, easy-to-carry and unaffected by wind or water. Works with any fire starting device. Stores up to 5 years. The cubes leave none of the residue of other petroleum-based products and has virtually no odor. They burn with almost no smoke and can be started even in high winds and nasty weather. In fact, the tinder burns while floating in water and burns longer when wet.

Ferro Rod

Ferrocerium is a man-made metallic material that produces hot sparks at temperatures of about 3,000 °C (5,430 °F) when scraped against a rough surface (pyrophoricity), such as ridged steel. Many high carbon steels will create a spark but the ferro rod is the most widely used fire making tool. It's a must have for any bushcrafter.

Survival Matches

Measures 2 3/8" x 7/8" overall. Clear composition case with screw top lid and integrated replaceable striker. Includes (15) matches and (2) strikers. Matches are easy to light and will stay lit for up to 12 seconds, even after being submerged in water. Windproof. Waterproof.

Stormproof Matches

25 matches per pack. 2 3/4" overall. Windproof, waterproof and stormproof. Easy to light and stays lit, even after being submerged. Burns up to 15 seconds.


Total Weight: 0.70 lbs.

Dimensions: 6 1/2" H, 4 1/4" W 


*Color of organizer pouch may vary depending on availability from supplier. 

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