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Introducing the Ultimate SERE Kit!  Everything you need for your E&E needs and a must-have for any of our students taking our SERE course.



Survival Escape & Evasion DVD

Urban Escape & Evasion Kit

UZI Handcuffs with 2 keys

20' Kevlar Cord

Clear Practice Lock

Folding Razor Saw

Generic Padlock

Escape & Evasion Film - Anti-Kidnapping Techniques

This DVD will demonstrate many of the techniques that we teach during our SERE program to help people understand how to escape illegal detention. Jack Richland starts with the basics and builds people up to have a comprehensive series of techniques that will enable them to get out of most bindings and illegal detention.

 In this DVD:

  • Escape Illegal Restraints
    •Duct Tape
    •Zip Ties and Flex Cuffs
    •Escape from the trunk of a car while handcuffed
    •How to secretly carry everyday items on your person to escape illegal restraints
    •How to lose someone who you suspect is following you
    •Anti Tracking & Counter Surveillance Techniques
    •Untraceable Communications
    •Lock Picking with tools as well as everyday items
    •Cellphone Complacency 
    •Anti-kidnapping techniques
    •Everyday disguises that will make you virtually disappear


In the year 2014 the United States of America averaged:

  • 700 Abductions per day
    • 8,000 home invasions per day
    • 40 murders per day
    And those are just the crimes that were actually reported.
    Right here in the United States of America during relatively safe times, a violent crime occurs every 25.3 seconds. What will that look like when times get worse?

You buy a gun to protect yourself and your family, but how will you protect them when you’re not right there by their side?

 Urban Escape and Evasion Kit

Consists of:

  • Bogota® Titanium Entry Toolset
  • 2 polymer handcuff keys (1 black, 1 Gray)
  • 2 handcuff shims
  • Six-pack of Glue Dots

 Clear Practice Locks

  • They are great for learning and teaching locksmithing and lock manipulation. Each lock has standard pins and comes with 2 keys.

 Folding Razor Saw (FRS)

  • A survival saw and knife are essential pieces of gear for the outdoors or for just about anywhere. The Folding Razor Saw™ is a low profile  and ultra lightweight combination Survival Saw and Razor Blade that is great for Survival  Kits, the Outdoorsman and Everyday Carry. The saw uses a 24 tpi Steel Blade that is 5 cm long and cuts both wood and  most metals on the pull stroke. The 5 cm razor blade cuts rope, netting and  webbing and works great as a skinning blade The Handle is made from a Textured Grip Polymer and has a Lanyard Hole for carrying options. Don't be fooled by its small size, this 11.5 gram Folding Razor Saw is great for pockets, key rings and survival kits! The Folding Razor Saw™ will cut Wood, Bone, frozen Meat, PVC, Copper, Aluminium, Rebar, and Hard Rubber.This is also the perfect companion for Individual Survival, Family Outings,  Hunting trips, Scout trips, Back-country Skiing, Canoe Trips and dozens of other practical uses.
  • Closed: 2.77 inch .325 inches thick .64 wide
  • Open: 4.66 inch .325 inches thick .64 wide
  • Weight: 11.7 grams / .41 oz.

 Black Kevlar® Survival Cord 20'

188lb test Kevlar®, withstands extreme temperatures, and is flame resistant and highly chemical resistant. Pre-wrapped 20 foot flat bobbin, cord can be used for snares, traps, improvised bows and flexi-cuff cutting etc.

UZI Handcuffs

 Our handcuffs are steel constructed, have a double lock feature and come with two universal handcuff keys.  Handcuffs are a must-have for anyone wanting to learn the art of escape and evasion from unlawful detention.  

Generic Padlock

A padlock with 2 keys for practicing your lock picking skills without seeing the internal pins as real life would dictate.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
SERE kit

Love the kit. The DVD was to the point, informative, and the production value was much better compared to a random video online.
Would make a great gift for family and friends to learn some "cool" potentially life-saving skills.

Very helpful with fast delivery

Company had questions about my order. They reached out to me and made sure my order was right. I received the order much faster than I expected.


Covered a little more than the basics in a lot of the different areas of SERE. The video was a nice thought from Black Scout Survival. Just wish the clear lock that was provided had a slightly larger grasp, just holding the thing proved difficult.

Sere Kit with DVD get's results!

I got the kit 3 weeks ago and can already pick locks. Enough said.

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