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NDuR 9 Piece Cookware Mess Kit with Kettle



The NDuR 9 Piece Cookware Mess Kit with Kettle comes with everything you need to cook a great meal outdoors.  This is the perfect kit for cooking large meals for multiple people.  This kit is made of Hard Anodized Aluminum, it combines the best attributes of a very hard surface treatment with the quick-even heat transfer of aluminum. Because it is extremely lightweight and easy to clean it is perfect to take out into the field when training in bushcraft or survival. It is held together with a strap, and comes with a mesh carrying pouch. The surface treatment is FDA and LFGB food safety approved.

- Pot 1: 61 oz / 1.8 L
- Pot 2: 47 oz / 1.4 L
- Frying Pan: 7.5 in
- Frying Pan/Plate: 7.5 in
- Kettle: 27 oz / 0.8 L
- 2 Mugs: 5 oz / 150 ml
- Universal Gripper: Can be used on all Pots and Pans

Nested size: 7.6 x 5 in
Weight: 31 oz

Keep handles away from direct contact with flames or intense heat.
Always use caution when handling pots and pans while cooking.

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