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FrogLube Knife Cleaning/Protection Kit


FrogLube's first knife care kit! This complete kit contains everything you need to clean and care for your knives. our cleaners will prepare you blade and internals for a coat of our paste preservative. keep your blade protected with FrogLube.


• FrogLube knife care kit, knife care kit basic items you need for blade care all
• Non-flammable;
• Eliminate rust
• Protect against corrosion and oxidation
• Bonus clear container for storing un-used lubricant
• Fine tipped applicator swab
• Water displacement type preservative paste
• Full function cleaner, solvent, degreaser
• Basic cleaning guide and
• All food grade ingredients
• Contents are USDA certified bio-based, designated for federal purchase
• Ca Prop 65 exempt


Color: Green
Included Accessories: 1 x Foam Cleaning Swab, 1 x Clear Jar to contain extra Paste, 1 x 5ml FrogLube Paste, 1 x 1oz FrogLube Solvent
Weight: 28.3495 g
Volume: 1 oz

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