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ESEE Camp Lore PR-4 Black Oxide


ESEE Camp-Lore PR4, 4.0 in 1095 HC Steel, Sculptured Micarta Handle

When it comes to wilderness chores, sometimes simple and straightforward is the best approach. The ESEE Camp-Lore PR4 is Patrick Rollins' take on Horace Kephart's classic design. The original prototype was made by James Gibson and tested extensively by Patrick during survival classes, off-trail backpacking, hiking and camping. The Rowen built production PR4 features a 4" blade with a 4.75" handle, 1/8" thick 1095 HC steel blade, 90 degree spine for striking a Ferro rod and a leather pouch sheath. It may not be pretty but it is designed to work, like all the other ESEE Knives.


Overall Length: 8.90"
Blade Overall Length: 4.19"
Cutting Edge Length: 4.0"
Thickness: .125"
Weight (without sheath): 178.60g
Steel: 1095 Carbon, 55-57 Rc.
Blade Finish: Tumbled Black Oxide
Handles: Sculptured Micarta
Sheath: Leather Pouch

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