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Czech M10 Gas Mask


Product Info for Fox Outdoor CZECH M10 Gas Mask with Filter

Wear this Fox Outdoor CZECH M10 Gas Mask w/ Filter to keep your face covered for extra protection. These Safety Masks & Respirators from Fox Outdoor feature 6 elastic straps you can adjust to get a proper, secure fit with every use. Each Fox Outdoor CZECH M10 Civilian Gas Mask comes with a filter and replacement eye piece lenses in case you lose or damage them. Please note that this Fox Outdoor CZECH M10 Rubber Gas Mask w/ Filter is a novelty item that does not offer the level of personal protection a military-grade gas mask does. However, it is still an excellent option to securely cover your mouth, nose and eyes while in public.


Specifications for Fox Outdoor CZECH M10 Gas Mask with Filter:

Color: Olive Drab
Unit Quantity: 1
Fabric/Material: Rubber

Features of Fox Outdoor CZECH M10 Gas Mask w/ Filter

  • Plastic eyes and plastic mouthpiece
  • 6 elastic straps
  • Additional eye piece replacement lenses
  • Novelty, not for military or law enforcement use

Package Contents:

  • Fox Outdoor CZECH M10 Gas Mask w/ Filter
  • Additional Eye Piece Replacement Lenses
  • New Dual Cartridges

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