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Belisle #160 Super X / Conibear Trap


Belisle body traps have a new special rounded jaw that makes a magnum style complete closure. One piece trigger, safety hooks that stay put, hand welded. A quality product. 6" jaw spread - double spring. Fisher, raccoon, etc.


*Note: These traps are nicer than your typical conibear trap and will closer tighter on smaller animals. They are suggested over the cheaper ones available on the market.

These are the perfect survival traps for carrying in your bag to live of the land. We usually combine 2-4 of these with a few 120's and you're guaranteed to get meat in the woods, if you have a little skill. These make survival trapping easy and they can even be used in the city during grid down scenarios to supplement foods supplies. They last for decades and can be used time and time again. Trapping is more efficient than hunting and will also produce much larger amounts of meat in general. And that can make a real difference in a long term survival scenario or bushcrafting trip. There is an amazing abundance of small game animals in the city as well, that you can use these to catch. So not only is this a survival item, it's also a much needed item for prepper's. 

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