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Warbonnet Blackbird XLC (Ultimate Hammock System)

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The Warbonnet Blackbird XLC is by far and away the best hammock system on the market. We have tested these for years and we have not found a better hammock on the market.  Warbonnet Outdoors is an AMAZING company!

The company is owned by an American veteran and all these items are handmade and not mass produced in another country like the other brands. If you have the budget for it, you can't go wrong with this setup. Most of our active survival instructors own them and we are so happy to be the first company to sell them outside of the manufacturer. This is professional grade equipment that will last for many many years to come. If you want the best and price isn't your major concern, this is the way to go.




The blackbird has a removable mosquito netting so you can take it off when the bugs are not a problem and the way it is constructed, when you lay in it you won't have to worry about the bug netting drooping into your face. It has side ties out to keep netting taut but when sat in properly you don't even need them. It also has a removable top cover for when the temps dip down lower and you need to stay warm. This optional top cover adds about 15 degrees extra to the hammock system. They have also added a new under quilt protector option that is amazing for winter camping. Making it the most complete winter camping system on the market!


Inside the hammock it has utility line that stretches overhead so you can hang equipment and lights from so they are convenient and out of the way. The option we like best about this hammock is the storage shelf on it, because it is so large that you can store massive amounts of gear up off the ground and still have it be accessible inside your hammock. I've stored upwards of 20 lbs. of gear in this storage shelf and still felt like it could hold more. The hammock is also double layered for mosquito protection from underneath so they can't bite you through your hammock in the night if you want to sleep in light clothing for warm weather environments. The double layer bottom also acts as a sleeve for ground pads of all sizes. YOU DO NOT WANT TO BUY A HAMMOCK WITHOUT A DOUBLE LAYER! Mosquitoes can bite through single layers but not a double layer.

Lay Flat Design

It has an asymmetrical cut to the design so that when you lay at an angle in it, it is almost a completely lay flat option. I'm a side sleeper and having this option is a must for me if I'm to get good rest. The other hammocks on the market just don't compare to how comfortable this is because of this lay flat option. You won't be shaped like a banana all night! This is possible by an asymmetrical foot box that is sewn into the hammock on one side which allows you lay in it sideways easier. It also will fit anyone up to 7' tall. So no matter how big you are, this hammock is a good option for you!

Attachment System

You attach the hammock using webbing line and the most convenient buckle system we have ever used. You can literally attach the hammock in less than a minute and over great distances between trees. You can span a 25' gap in between trees with this hammock system. We don't recommend anything but the buckle system. It is the best option they have and don't weight that much extra.

*A pair of carabiners are available in the Hammock section for $10.


FAQ: What is the difference between your suspension options?

Continuous loops: This option is not a usable suspension by itself. It comes only with small Amsteel loops on the end of the hammock that act as anchor points for the attachment of just about any suspension type. Suspension weight: 7g

Webbing w/Buckles: This is a popular suspension option, it includes a pair of 12′ polyester straps with simple to use buckles, it is intended to be used with a pair of carabiners. Easy to use and adjust, almost no learning curve. Suspension weight: 6.7oz, one pair of Warbonnet carabiners: 1.75oz.

Whoopies w/Dynaweave Straps:  Standard 6′ Amsteel whoopie slings hitched directly to the end of your hammock, and 6′ Dynaweave tree straps (loop at each end). Our Dynaweave webbing is made from UHMWPE fiber which has the highest strength to weight ratio of any synthetic fiber available, the result is a full strength webbing that is much thinner and compact at 1/3 the weight of standard polyester webbing. Suspension weight: 2.35oz. 

Becket Suspension: Our longest suspension option (and lightest per foot), with 6′ of extra reach compared to our Buckle or Whoopie suspensions. Hammock comes with Amsteel continuous loops hitched on the ends and a pair of 15′ Dynaweave straps (loop at one end). Suspension weight: 2.5oz

Tarp System (SuperFly Tarp is sold separately and HIGH recommended)

We really love the tarp as well. It is 11'x10' and packs up smaller than a nalgene bottle. Because it has so many tie off points you can setup in a plethora of different ways. In cold conditions you can make it like a floorless tent by closing the side wings off and staking it straight to the ground. You can stake one side and then flare the other in order to have a view of the area. And because it has the side door flaps, even if you use it in a lean to fashion with one side flared, you can still protect from sideways wind/rain by staking off the doorway to cover your feet. The tarp only weighs 1lb 3 ounces, and is large enough for several people to sleep under. This tarp also has tie off points on the sides of the tarps for snow conditions, so that snow won't accumulate and cause the tarp to sag. These tie off points also add a lot of space to the inside of the tarp for more room to swing in your hammock without touching the sides. It's also great extremely high wind conditions!


Heavyweight Double Layered Blackbird XLC
Weight capacity: 400 LBS
Item weight (webbing/buckles): 2 lb. 8oz.
Item weight (whoopies): 2 lb. 6oz.
Item Weight (continuous loops): 2 lb. 2oz
Fabric: 70D Nylon (x2)

SuperFly Tarp 

(SuperFly Tarp is sold separately and HIGHLY recommended)

Simply the most versatile hammock tarp system on the market! Blocks wind and rain better than any other. We have used this tarp in heavy snow conditions, to the hottest jungles in the world.

We are currently offering tarps in both Polyester and Nylon options (camo print available in Polyester ONLY).  The Polyester fabric is more stretch resistant and has lower water absorption, while the Nylon is a stronger more durable fabric. Both are good options, weights are similar for each. Both fabrics have a minimum 2000mm hydrostatic head waterproof rating.

30D 2000mm NeverMist™ Silnylon: 19oz
20D 2000mm NeverMist™ Silpoly: 18oz
30D 2000mm NeverMist™ Silpoly: 20oz
Ridgeline Length: 11’0”
Width: 10’0”

Winter Hammock Top Cover:

The winter hammock Top Cover zips on in place of the updated XLC bug netting. It is used in cooler weather to cut the wind and trap a little extra heat. It’s made of a breathable, wind and water resistant 20 denier fabric. It has 2 built-in mesh air vents, one in the peak at the foot end and another near your shoulder that doubles as a window. It works just like the XLC net top but with solid fabric instead of netting. It will also zip directly to our under quilt protector to create a full-on winter sock (the Chinook) that puts you, your hammock, and all your insulation inside it’s own wind and water resistant breathable microclimate.

Weight: 7.0 oz.
20D Nylon, DWR



What about the cost?

We fully understand that this system is expensive and it is a big investment. But we truly believe this the best overall sleep system for any type of camping down to 0 degrees. You absolutely can't beat it and once you get accustom to hammock camping you won't go back. Buy once cry once is our philosophy. Numerous wilderness instructors owned this system before we started selling it. We paid full retail for them and don't regret it a bit. Buy in one place and get everything you need without having to gain the knowledge from a million different video reviews and forums around the internet first. Trust that we have put together the full package for you and this system will work for anyone of any size below 6'6".

Why hammock systems over tarps, tents, etc.?

The advantages of a hammock are almost too many to list. You never have to worry about preparing the ground under you or sleeping on a rock. Water seepage and moisture issues that you have with tents are non existent. They are lighter and pack smaller. Sleep more comfortably. Lay flat design is great for side and back sleepers. Leave no trace or sign on the ground for tactical purposes. You can pitch them pretty much anywhere. We have even slept right next to waterfalls in them where it would be impossible to use any other shelter. They are by far the coolest shelter in the warmer seasons, and with the right sleeping equipment you can take them down to 0 degrees. Coolest shelter you can use in the summer and one of the most comfortable in the winter with the right insulation. We even know of a guy in Ely, Minnesota that has slept in them down to -40 degrees with lots of down to keep him warm. The tarp is more modular because you can turn it into a floorless tent, you can open the tarp up for a great breeze or you can stake it to the ground for cold conditions and eliminate the wind entirely. The options are endless.


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