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The SNUGPAK TACTICAL SERIES have been field tested by our experienced staff of SIGMA Instructors.  The Tactical 2 bag is highly versatile, and is great for 3 seasons - Spring, Summer, and Fall.  The synthetic material makes it perfect for wet weather conditions due to it's ability to quickly dry out in the sun or close to a fire.  Down bags are great for cold weather climates, but can be difficult to dry.  Another great thing about this bag is it's ability to be compressed to the size of a little bigger than a football.  This is a huge benefit when it comes to packing your bag and keeping your pack weight down.  Comfort is vital when it comes to survival and bushcraft.  It is important that you choose a pack that meets your needs without becoming cumbersome. 

Snugpak uses the strongest durable fabrics and highly compressible and lightweight Softie Insulation to give you the performance you require. Other features include TS1 Thermal Suede lining, water resistant Paratex Steelplate outer shell, pillow pocket at head position to fit Snuggy pillow, compression stuff sack, snugfit hood, zip baffle, hanging dry tabs and anti-snag two way zip.

These bags are special ordered. Please allow 10-14 days for delivery.

Temperature Rating: 32°F to 23°F (0°C to -5°C)

Color: Olive
Weight: 36 oz
Length: 87 in
Width: 33 in
Pack Size: 7x7 in (compressed)

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