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The power is out, your gas lines are ruptured. You’re huddled in your basement or disaster shelter riding out the latest catastrophe, when suddenly you hear your young child’s stomach growl. You reach for the canned- and freeze-dried fare you’ve so diligently stocked, offer it to your family at room-temperature, and watch wistfully as they grimace in disgust. Why eat food at such nauseatingly tepid temperatures, when, even in the most calamitous of days, it’s easy to enjoy piping hot meals cooked to perfection - no electricity or range required?


When your emergency shelter is equipped with the Dietz Millennium Lantern Cooker, you and your family will find that even disaster can be delicious. But don’t scoff - this handy, super-portable lantern cooker is much more than a mere “luxury item” superfluous to your survival needs. On the contrary, the multi-talented Millennium can actually help you maximize precious, limited space and resources by tackling two jobs in a single, compact package. It’s not only a capable 1100-BTU camp stove; the Millennium doubles as an ultra-bright nine-candlepower light source. This versatility and portability, along with tough steel construction, make it perfect not only for emergencies, but for primitive camping, music festivals, and casual nights on the deck or patio, as well. Best of all, the Millennium achieves all this with unrivaled efficiency, burning 23 hours on just 17 ounces of camp fuel. “She ain’t bad to look at,” either; a forest green finish and chrome trim adorn this 12” tall steel beauty, which stands solidly without tipping over, thanks to a snap-on bottom and holding pegs.


So scrap your old camp stove and separate lantern, and save space and weight with the Dietz Millennium Lantern Cooker - a must-have for survivalists, preppers, campers, outdoorsmen, and anyone who may face a power outage or emergency in the future. That means you! For the price of this HIGHLY sought after lantern you might want to go ahead and get several - one-or-more each for your emergency shelter, RV, camping gear pack, boat, deck/patio, etc. Don’t forget about your friends and family - offer them the security of disaster cooking and lighting by giving the Millennium as gift. It's the gift that keeps on giving, through the hard times and the good. Includes 5/8” wick and 4 1/2”-diameter plate, aluminum grill and cup.


  • Steel lantern and camp stove in one
  • Versatility saves space, resources
  • Burns 23 hours on 17 oz camp fuel
  • 9-candlepower lamp; 1100-BTU stove
  • 12” tall; base, pegs prevent tip-over
  • Includes 4 1/2” diameter plate, cup, grill
  • Perfect for emergencies and camping

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