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ATTN:  There is a significant waiting period for each Weatherwool product. The backorder wait period could be until January 2020. Pl...

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ATTN:  There is a significant waiting period for each Weatherwool product. The backorder wait period could be until January 2020. Please be aware of this before placing your order.

Ultra-warm. Our own FullWeight WeatherWool Jacquard Merino Fabric on the outside, lined with plushest true Mouton Fleece on the inside. You will be wowed by how effective this indulgence is. Bring it on!

One size fits virtually everyone.

Weighs 10 oz (283 g)

The Mouton Hat is designed for sedentary or low-level physical activity (sitting, easy walking) in cool, cold or COLD weather.

The Mouton Hat has two warm layers. The outer layer of the hat is WeatherWool FullWeight Fabric. The inner layer is known as Mouton, a much higher-grade product than the better-known Shearling. Mouton is the tanned hide of extremely select lamb, with the wool still attached. Less than 1% of lambs have Mouton-quality fleece, which must be naturally extremely soft and thick. After grading, the hide is tanned and dyed, and the wool is sheared to uniform length of 5/8 inches (1.6 cm). The Mouton feels extremely soft and silky and is very comfortable on bare skin.

One of our testers is working oil rigs on Alaska's North Slope. He said at -30F/-34C, with strong winds, he only wished the Hat would somehow work with a hard hat. The Mouton Hat also proved itself at Ice Camp Sargo, North of Alaska in March, 2016. The US Army and Navy spent a month or so testing gear while on the pack ice of the Arctic Ocean, with conditions similar to those on the North Slope. No problem.

Some have even worn the Mouton Hat comfortably in warm weather, close to room temperature, just because it is such a nice-looking Hat.

The entire inside of the Hat is lined with Mouton, as can be seen in the pictures. Also, one of the Flaps is lined with Mouton all the way to the end, so that when the Flaps are fastened under the chin, it’s all fur against the skin.

The flaps are secured by Velcro, and can be joined under the chin, over the top of the head or behind the head. The Velcro enables the Hat to be snugged even to a small head.

The Brim of the Mouton Hat is very soft and flexible, and just big enough to keep rain and snow off the face and eyeglasses. The brim can be worn down, as shown in these pictures, or can be flipped up against the outside of the Hat.

The Mouton is quite thick, so this hat takes up a significant amount of space, but it can be compressed or folded easily.

Because the Mouton Fleece has a lot of ‘give’ when you put the hat on, we have found that a single size will comfortably fit the great majority of people, up to at least a 2X hat size. And if you are one of the few that find the Hat too small, you can still wear it Mouton-side out.

There are two potential downsides to this Hat. First is that it traps so much warmth that if you are active, and start working up any heat of your own, you will need to either take the Hat off, or slow down. You really want to be careful to avoid getting sweaty in serious cold. The second possible downside is that because of the layer of leather that is part of the Mouton pelt, sound is muffled. You won’t have any trouble carrying on a conversation, you won’t be handicapped, but you will definitely notice a difference in the way sounds reach your ears.

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