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Warbonnet Waterproof Stash Jacket


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*June 10, 2020* PLEASE READ

Warbonnet is currently experiencing a very high volume of orders.  If you place an order with us please be aware that there may be a significant wait period.  We do not have an exact date that our inventory will be replenished, but we are estimating mid-July to mid-August 2020. 

As always, we will do our best to meet our posted, estimated lead times.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. The removal of this post from our Warbonnet landing pages will be your indication that we are once again accepting orders for back-ordered items, but be sure to “refresh” your page to make sure you are seeing the most recent changes.


Sigma 3 Survival and the Warbonnet Outdoors Team


Using Warbonnet's lightweight tarp fabric results in a jacket made from fully waterproof/windproof fabric that has the weight and pack-ability of many lightweight windbreakers. While the fabric isn’t breathable, it does have 22″ long adjustable pit-zips for ventilation. Like any jacket made from coated fabric, it is designed more for lower activity level use due to lower breathability fabric. It compresses to about the size of a tennis ball so it’s a great size/weight to keep in the bottom of your pack for unexpected rain or heavy wind anytime you don’t want to carry a full-on breathable rain shell or when you feel like you might want more protection than a typical breathable windbreaker (It blocks wind like a brick wall).

The has no pockets, but the pit zips come down far enough to slightly open and access the side pockets of any jacket you might be wearing underneath.  Due to it being silicone-coated fabric, it isn’t seam taped, although the user could seam-seal it with silicone if fully waterproof seams are desired.  The shoulder seams are oriented off to the sides of the shoulders and in general you can expect very little water to make it through the seams.  Due to the jacket being sold with the seams un-sealed, we are not advertising this as a “rain” jacket, but you can expect it to be windproof and much more water resistant than a typical windbreaker made of lightweight DWR treated fabric. We’ve tested it in moderate rain for up to an hour with nothing more than extremely minimal leakage through the un-sealed seams.

The version made from our quilt fabric is the same design other than the fabric used. Using our quilt fabric makes for a typical un-lined windbreaker that is wind and water resistant. This fabric is a 20D nylon or polyester high thread count tightly woven  fabric, heavily calendared on one side for max windbreak and treated with a DWR water resistant finish, not as wind or water resistant as the tarp fabric option, but it’s much more breathable and well suited for high activity levels.

Color: Brown

Our sizing:

Medium: Fits a person 5’10” @ 165 lbs with room for a heavy fleece layer underneath

Large: Fits a person 6’2″ @ 210 lbs, with room for a heavy fleece layer underneath.

XL: Fits a person 6’5″ @ 300 lbs with room for a heavy fleece layer underneath.


Fabric: 30D 2000mm NeverMist™ Silnylon

Medium- 5.3oz
Large- 5.6oz
Extra Large: 6oz

Fabric: 20D Nylon (Quilt Fabric)

Medium- 5.0oz
Large- 5.3oz
Extra Large- 5.5oz

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