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Tactical Stocking "The Trapper"


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We can’t give away all the secrets of what lies inside each of our Tactical Christmas Stockings, but we can tell you that each stocking has been designed by full time survivalists who have brought professionalism and the minimalist mentality to each of the stockings.  The contents included in each stocking were hand-picked with the purpose of being Educational, Mobile, and Efficient in their purpose.


Each stocking comes with a DVD targeted towards the type of stocking you choose, at least 1 book and/or training pamphlet also pertinent to the subject of the stocking, a Survival Gear BSO patch, and a 20% Off coupon for your next order with Survival Gear BSO. We want the recipient of the stocking to have good gear and have affordable access to quality training. Just contact us and we will set you up with one of the best training schools in the country. 


Here’s a little “inside-teaser-look” at some of the items you might find in your stocking…

Mora Knife

550 Paracord

Lock Picking Gun


Covert Shims

Survival Matches

USMC Close Combat and Hand to Hand Fighting

Life Straw


US Army Survival Field Manual

Survival Paracord Bracelet

Mini Knife with Leather Sheath

Emergency Blanket

Basic Navigation for Search & Rescue

Compass Cards

Foraging Bandana

Animal Tracking Bandana

US Army Ranger Handbook

...and lots more!


Happy Holidays!!! 

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