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Kukrax Fighting/Survival Axe



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The Kukrax Fighting Axe is a 'radically traditional' blending of a modern tactical tomahawk with the world's best chopping knife (the Kukri) to create an entirely new class of hand axe.  Pearson Industries placed focus on the more obvious things that nobody has thought of before, and are totally dedicated to bringing the finest Edge Delivery Systems (EDS) to you, the discerning (and no doubt very attractive) consumer.   The Kukrax is our #1 most asked about product here at Survival Gear: Bushcraft & Survival Outfitters.


Kukrax Fighting/Survival Axe Specs:
Overall length: 15.75"
Cutting edge: 6"
Thickness: 0.177" (4.5mm)
Construction: Monolithic full tang 
Material: Heat Treated 1075 high-carbon steel
Handle scales:  Tak Axe : Micarta/ Pak Axe: Walnut
Scabbard:          Tak Axe:  Kydex/ Pak Axe: Hand crafted leather
Weight:              Tak Axe: 1.75 lb./ Pak Axe: 1.625 lb.    
Finish: Black traction powder coating
*NOTE:  Although the axe is coated, we were able to successfully strike a ferro rod from the spine with little effort!
Note:  Like all high-carbon steel, 1075 is subject to corrosion.  The axe blade and all other exposed metal surfaces should be cleaned and oiled after each use.

*The purchaser must follow all state and local ordinances pertaining to axes.

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